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Top Ten Dating Mistakes to Avoid

Avoiding Common Dating Mistakes:

Advice from Your Premier Matchmaking Service in Central Florida

Having provided quality and professional matchmaking services for more than 25 years to upscale professional singles, retirees, and widowers in the Orlando area, Elite Introductions and Matchmaking Founder and CEO Elisabeth Dabbelt has been able to see firsthand some of the more common dating mistakes. Whether you are working with Elite Introductions and Matchmaking or attempting to navigate the often frustrating and deceitful experience of dating on your own, there are 10 common mistakes that you will want to avoid:

1) Boring (yawn)

No one wants to be with someone who is boring and does not do anything inspiring. If you want others to find you exciting, it is important to be excited about your date and any activities you have planned for the evening. Everyone enjoys being around someone else who is enthusiastic and passionate about life. If you want your date to be excited and interested in you, be exciting and interesting.

2) Closed Off or Uninterested

If you want your date to open up and share with you, you will need to open up and share with them some of who you really are. Then, show a sincere interest in your date. Ask questions, and, listen to the answers.

3) Tense or Deceitful

If you cannot be relaxed, or seem as though you are being dishonest or evading questions, your date may find it difficult to feel completely comfortable or to trust you. That lack of trust can make it difficult for them to want to pursue a second dating experience with you. However, if there is no tension, and you are as honest as possible, your own unique and likeable personality will show, and your date will be interested in a second, third, and, possibly, fourth date with you.

4) Didn't Dress the Part

Ladies, don't show up for an elegant dinner date looking like you're going out clubbing with a group of sorority sisters. And, gentlemen, you should not look as if you just came from the golf course. Of course, wear something comfortable that you trust looks good on you, but females should avoid anything too suggestive on the first date, and men should avoid the temptation to dress too casually.

5) TMI

In the process of being open, honest, and enthusiastic, remember that you do not have to share everything about yourself on the very first date. There should always be a little mystery remaining after the first date as you control the release of information, much as you would in an interview. If your date knows everything there is to know after the first date, chances are you monopolized your time together.

6) Shifty Eyes

Make eye contact. Eye contact is essential to dating and will help to heighten the impact of any playful flirting in which you and your date engage. Eye contact conveys interest in the other person. That having been said, avoid staring obsessively at your date. Instead of interest, non-stop eye contact conveys something more of a creepy, uncomfortable vibe.

7) Unrealistic Expectations

Enter the date expecting to have a good time and with an optimistic attitude. If you have preconceived expectations that it will be horrible or that you will not have a good time, your expectations will most likely be fulfilled. Plus, when you have a positive outlook, you date will most likely pick up on your positive vibes, and you will both share an enthusiasm that becomes infectious.

8) Negativity

No one likes a negative person. A complaining, whiny date is not a fun date or a date that normally gets a second date. Stay positive and create a good first impression.

9) Ex-Talk

Don't talk about former relationships. Period. Why even bring it up?

10) The Movie Date

A dark theatre, where you sit in silence for two or more hours is not a good first date venue. Go for drinks or a casual dinner together in an environment where you can get to know one another better.

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Dating can be frustrating, nerve-wracking, and is often full of deceit. Gain an introduction to a dating partner who shares your interests, values, and outlook, and also get help and advice from Elisabeth Dabbelt on how to successfully navigate your first date together and have the best opportunity for a second date by working with Elite Introductions and Matchmaking.

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