When you’re on a first date, consider what you say. Be calm and relaxed and remember that this is the first time your date will experience your personality. When you go out on a first date there are some simple tips for conversation that will lead to a second date.

A compliment goes a long way. When you do compliment your date, make it is sincere by way of timing and phrasing. For example: When you first meet her, tell her you like the way she dresses by saying, “That outfit really looks great on you,” or “You dress very well.” Do not say loudly, “Wow!!! That dress makes you look so smokin’ hot, I don’t know how I’m gonna keep my hands off of you!” This may seem like a simple point, but with the excitement of meeting someone for the first time, you may slip, especially if you have had a drink or two.

Other subjects for complimenting your date include: her smile, her intellect, her hair, her voice, her kindness, or her direct attitude.
Try really hard to never bring up money, religion, or politics when engaging in conversation, while on a first date. These subjects are either explosive or smoldering with a potential to backfire in a big way.

Keep your conversations with a first date private. That means do not speak so loudly that everyone in the surrounding area can hear you. Also, avoid the urge to yell (especially if the date takes place in a crowded place) and do not use profanity. The latter is fine for a bawdy night out with your buddies or gal pals at a bar, but not for a private introduction on a first date. If you could hear such talk from the other side of the room, you would realize how it makes others (including your date) cringe.
Turn off your cell phone and do not answer calls for the first hour of the date, and only on emergency calls thereafter. For many people, this is a tough one. The only exceptions are: if you are on call for your job, or you have an emergency message from a baby sitter. Make sure if these situations might occur, you explain it to your date in advance. Even when emergency calls are a factor, you should put your phone on vibrate, so that the flow of conversation with your date will not be interrupted. If you do not find this to be an acceptable strategy, you should rethink dating altogether, because your compulsion to interrupt what she is saying means that you are not serious about focusing on her. Be honest with yourself about this subject.
If you follow these simple guidelines, you will be on your way to having a lovely time.

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