Christian Dating Advice: Five Strategies for Christian Singles

With in any relationship, your thoughts and beliefs are going to be important to you and your partner. Where they agree, the chances of a successful partnership are improved, but where they differ in too many ways, you may be building a relationship that is bound to fail. Where you need Christian dating advice, here’s five strategies for Christian singles.

  1. Agree your shared limits
    Each of you must take your individual responsibility and decide upon your shared limits in every area of your life. By understanding and agreeing your boundaries, you will be reflecting the experience and reliability of your relationship.
  2. Keeping the Right Spiritual Balance
    As you are learning about each other during the early stages of your relationship, as you are dating, you will soon realize whether you keep your spiritual thoughts and actions in balance. At the same time, where your emotional and social symmetry differs considerably, there must be changes ahead or difficulties may occur.
  3. How Deep Are Your Religious Convictions?
    You are going to be guided by your beliefs in your God and the teachings from your religious manuscript. Your religion will set down guidelines about how you should behave both culturally and as individuals. It will be better if you both agree to those circumstances, rather than one of you wishing to follow exact strategies, with the other being prepared to waiver, from time to time.
  4. How Are You Going to Share Your Christian Views?
    The answer to this question will have a bearing on how you promote your religion amongst friends and family.
  5. How Much Time Are You Going to Devote to Your Religion?
    To find mutual respect, your answers must be similar in this area. Where one of you prefers to devote all your time to your Christian faith, is your partner going to agree with your decisions or will they feel their own personal space and time is being removed?

By listening to this Christian dating advice, these five strategies for Christian singles will help you become guided in your dating and partner selection and the decision-making process.

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